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Children are naturally fascinated by everything in the world around them, and a major aim of Science in the Primary school is to help children understand the world in which they live. We build on this natural curiosity by extending and developing their scientific knowledge and skills.

We plan our Science coverage as a whole school. Each year group have specific objectives linked directly to the National Curriculum. Science mini-topics will also often be covered as separate lessons.

Science has strong links with Numeracy, Technology and Geography and provides many opportunities for Language development.

Progression Document

To view our progression document for Science CLICK HERE.

Key Stage 1 & 2 Termly Overview

To view the KS1 & 2 Science Termly Overview CLICK HERE.

Key Knowledge Mats

To see the Knowledge Mat for a specific year group and term select below.

Year Autumn Spring Summer
Year 1 Animals Including Humans Everyday Materials
Seasonal Changes
Year 2 Animals Including Humans
Use of Everyday Materials
Living Things and Their Habitats Plants
Year 3 Animals Including Humans
Year 4 Animals Including Humans Electricity
Living Things and Their Habitats
States of Matter
Year 5 Forces
Earth and Space
Animals Including Humans
Living Things and Their Habitats
Year 6 Evolution and Inheritance
Living things and Their Habitats
Animals Including Humans
Light and How We See Things