John Emmerson Batty Primary School

John E Batty Primary School

John E Batty Primary School

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History of John. E. Batty

The school was opened in September 1930 by the then Mayor of Redcar, John Emmerson Batty. The school faced south and had open verandas, small classrooms and outside toilets. It held 360 pupils. The verandas were glassed in during the early 1970s and the areas used as indoor passages.

The school was modernised in 1982. The infant department had two semi open planned areas and indoor toilets. The junior children were accommodated in the semi open plan wings, with the upper juniors in a double prefab. All toilets were now indoors.
A building in Aske Road, part of the former James Mackinlay secondary school, was shared with Zetland Primary School and provided Nursery and Early Years accommodation.

During the period May 1998 – February 1999, the school underwent extensive alterations and modernisation so that children could be brought from the annex (at Aske Road) to the main site. It was felt that it was essential that the building contractors should endeavour to preserve the character of the old building. It was also requested that all teaching areas should be in the form of enclosed classrooms. Five new classrooms were constructed at the front of the building together with a new Library, Parents’ Room and Boiler House. In addition, the original classrooms were all refurbished. In 2010 the school celebrated it’s 80th year of opening. A photograph of all the children in school was taken to mark this milestone. This picture can be seen in school.