John Emmerson Batty Primary School

John E Batty Primary School

John E Batty Primary School

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Motto, Mission Statement and Aims

Children’s Motto

We have our JEB School Motto, which helps the children to understand the best attitude to have when engaging with their learning. Our motto is:


Staff Mission Statement

Our mission statement guides the staff in everything they do in school to support the children. Our mission statement is:

We help children ACHIEVE by ensuring they BELIEVE in themselves and by providing CHALLENGE.

Shortened to:

Achieve, Believe, Challenge

or JEB’s ABCs


School Aims

Our aims provide a more detailed outline of what our school is working towards. 

We aim to:

  • provide a stimulating environment in which each individual feels valued and safe.
  • raise self-esteem of all people in school, develop positive attitudes towards lifelong learning and to celebrate childrens personal successes.
  • ensure that all children are supported and challenged to reach their full potential through engagement with a broad and balanced curriculum which is closely matched to their needs.
  • develop enquiring minds through the provision of an efficient well managed school that stimulates, challenges and promotes positive attitudes to personalised learning.
  • encourage fairness, honesty and a caring respectful attitude towards others, in keeping with traditional British values.
  • establishing outstanding relationships between school, home and the wider community for the benefit of all.
  • provide an effective approach to the welfare and guidance of children and positively promote spiritual, moral, cultural and social development.
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