Learning about the past at John E. Batty gives pupils the knowledge to make sense of the many aspects of the past they have inherited and gives them the necessary skills with which to interpret their history critically. Our History Curriculum places an emphasis on learning about the past through historical sources and through first hand experiences such as drama and visits to historical sites.

Progression Document

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Key Stage 1 Termly Overview

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Key Stage 2 Termly Overview

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Key Knowledge Mats

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Year Autumn Spring Summer
Year 1 Gunpowder Plot The Victorians Grace Darling
Year 2 WWI Remembrance Fire of London James Cook
Year 3 Stone / Iron Age Ancient Egypt Redcar (Local Hist.)
Year 4 Roman Invasion Anglo Saxons/Scots Vikings
Year 5 Mayans Tudors Victorians
Year 6 Ancient Greece WW1      WW2 Britain Since 1948