Computing is taught throughout the school in order to make children aware of the technology that affects and controls their everyday lives. We seek to instil the knowledge and to teach the skills that will enable pupils to be confident in their ability to use and control this equipment. We give children access to a range of hardware and software.Computing is taught in our Computer Suite, and across school in classrooms using laptops and ipads connected to our wireless network. All children are specifically taught about:

  • Programming;
  • Data Handling;
  • Understanding and Using Technology ; and
  • How to Keep Safe.

The school places high priority on providing the most up-to-date technology and is constantly reviewing the computing opportunities presented to children. All teachers are skilled in the use of information technology and all classes have interactive Smartboards installed and are connected to the internet. These resources enable the teachers to place computing at the heart of the teaching and learning that takes place.

To extend opportunities for the children to use computing skills in their everyday learning, we run a project in year 4, 5 and 6 which enables the children to all have a personal ipad which they can use in and out of school.

Progression Document

To view our progression document for computing CLICK HERE.

Yearly Overview Document

To view the yearly overview for computing CLICK HERE.