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Design Technology

Progression Document

To view our progression document for Design Technology CLICK HERE.

Key Stage 1 Termly Overview

To view the KS1 Termly Overview CLICK HERE.

Key Stage 2 Termly Overview

To view the KS2 Termly Overview CLICK HERE. 

Key Knowledge Mats

To see the Knowledge Mat for a specific year group and term select below.

Year Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Year 1 Structures
Levers and Sliders
Moving Pictures
Food Technology
Fruit Salad
Year 2 Food Technology Healthy Sandwich Wheels and Axles Vehicles Textiles
Year 3 Food Technology Fruit Stew Mechanical Systems
Shaduf (Egypt)
Year 4 Levers and Linkages
Roman Catapult
Food Technology Cooking Eggs Mechanical Systems
Electrical Circuits
Year 5 Food Technology Guacamole and Salsa Textiles
Sailor’s Gunpowder Bag
Year 6 Architecture Shelters Coding