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Pupil Premium



In the above academic year the school received £53,540 to support children eligible for pupil premium:

We were pleased that our evaluation showed that this had a good impact on the progress of the eligible children in our school. Here:

  • AT KS1 SATs 100% of children eligible for pupil premium achieved the expected standard in reading writing and mathematics combined.
  • At KS2 SATs the childrens progress scores from KS1 to KS2 was on average + 2.57 (reading = +2.23, writing = +2.34, mathematics = +3.15)
  • This places such progress in the top 25% of all children nationally; and
  • Internal progress assessments indicate that on average the children are making better than expected progress in the core subjects combined. (+3.23 grades progress)

Please see the schools Pupil Premium Strategy Document below for a more detailed evaluation.



During this academic year the school will receive £54,420 through the pupil premium grant. This sum is to be used in a variety of ways to support pupils eligible for pupil premium as outlined in our Pupil Premium Strategy Document below.


Pupil Premium Strategy Document 2016-17 – reviewed January 2017.pdf (486k)