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The Team

At John E. Batty we have a committed team made up of teachers and a range of support staff. These include teaching assistants, administrative assistants, ICT technicians, midday supervisory assistants, cleaners, kitchen staff and a site supervisor. In addition, we have a range of visiting staff that can often be found working in school. These include peripatetic music teachers, learning support teachers, behaviour support teachers, educational psychologists, education welfare officers and the school nurse. The current teachers on the schools Senior Team are:

Please feel free to contact any of these members of staff or your childs teacher at any time via the school contact details link above. A full current list of all school staff and their responsibilities can be obtained by members of the school community from the office. Teaching Staff by Class/Role
Head Teacher Mr Martin Kitchen
LFS  Mrs Eden/Mrs Shepherd
UFS (FS Leader) Mrs Hogg
Year 1 (KS1 Leader) Mrs Oswald
Year 1  Mrs Storey
Year 2 Mrs Cox
Year 3 Miss Richards
Year 4 Mrs Segrave
Year 5 Miss Fuller
Year 6 (Deputy Head) Mrs Norris
Booster Y5/6  and PPA cover Miss Walker
PE Teacher Mr Wren
Support Staff by Role Class
School Business Manager Mrs Upton
Administration Mrs Sharpe
Site Supervisor Mr Maltby
LFS Mrs Fleming
UFS Mrs Phillips
Y1 Mrs Stapleton
Y2 Mrs Hailey
Y 3/4 Mrs Elliott
Y5/ 6 Mrs Cummings
Out of School Club Mrs Cubitt
Out of School Club  Mrs Cartlidge
SEND Support TA Mrs Westerman
SEND Support TA Mrs Boyd
Specialist Music Teacher Miss Muckian
School Cook Mrs Jones
Kitchen Assistant Mrs Rowland
MDSA Mrs Davidson
MDSA Mrs Arbuckle
MDSA Mrs Parkin
MDSA Mrs Garland
MDSA Mrs Tipping
MDSA Mrs Buckle
MDSA Mrs Moody
Cleaner Mrs Roberts
Cleaner Mrs Cassie
Cleaner Mrs Beckett
We are keen to help you with any issue that may arise. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss anything you may need help with.