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School Closed – Friday 2nd March

We have received advice form the local authority of further severe weather conditions including 10-15cm of snow, strong winds (forming snow drifts) and sub-zero temperatures. We have been advised by the Head of Education that it seems unlikely that we will be in a better position to open tomorrow. In view of this information, along with our awareness that the conditions in the immediate vicinity of the school increase risks to children, parents and staff significantly, we have decided to give early warning of the closure of the school tomorrow – Friday 2nd March 2018. World Book Day events and the Table Top Sale will be postponed until further notice. Children don’t worry, we promise to go ahead with these events as soon as appropriate.

We expect school to re-open as normal on Monday morning.

We understand the inconvenience such a closure causes. However we hope you can appreciate our decision has been made with the intention of putting the welfare and safety of children, parents/carers and staff first and foremost.

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