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Christmas Secrets Room – Week Beginning 20th November 2017


Please note that during the above week your child will have a chance to purchase Christmas presents for their family, and have them gift wrapped with help from the Friends of Batty. The cost of each gift is £1.50. If you wish for your child to buy an item or two, please provide them with the correct change in an envelope. You will probably want to discuss with them who they would like to buy items for before the day.

The secrets room will be open during school to different classes at the following times:

  • Monday 20th Nov. (pm) – Y3 and Y4
  • Tuesday 21st Nov. (pm) – Y1 and Y2
  • Wednesday 22nd Nov. (pm) – Y5 and Y6
  • Thursday 23rd Nov. (pm) – UFS and Afternoon LFS
  • Friday 24th Nov. (am) – Morning LFS

The money raised goes towards supporting other enrichment activities for the children.


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